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Please note there is a waiting list for the 2015 season. Please click here to be put on the waiting list.

WINNER:  2013 Colorado Avid Golfer Best in Colorado, Instruction for Women and 2nd Place Instruction for Juniors.

New Teaching Equipment for 2014.

New Teaching Equipment for 2014.

Whether you’re correcting a few flaws in your swing or completely overhauling your entire game, personalized golf lessons with Kevin is the ideal way to realize your goals.  His ability to hone in on the key elements of your game, customize a golf instruction program suited for you and monitor your progress along the way lies at the heart of his successful golf instruction philosophy.

There is not one golf swing for everyone, there is one swing for you.  Everyone is different and Kevin will help you find what it is you need to make your game fun.  You will also enjoy one of Denver’s best practice facilities.  There is an amazing driving range with great chipping and pitching area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and start your golf lessons. All lessons are in South East Denver.

Golf Lessons in Denver:

What Students Say:

“Kevin was so much fun to learn from.  I could not stop laughing at his jokes. But beyond that, I was hitting the ball straighter and further.  What more can you ask for.”
–J. McMilland | 2/01/2014

“I was looking for a golf instructor in Colorado and I was really happy to find Kevin.  I always hit the ball to the right and got very frustrated.  It didn’t take long for Kevin to help correct what I was doing wrong, then BAM, I was hitting down the middle.”
–R. Goldman | 6/10/2013

“What a wonderful golf lesson I had with Kevin.  I needed work on my putting and he helped me understand what to look for when reading a greet.  I highly recommend Kevin if you need a putting lesson.”
–K. Phillip | 6/9/2013

“My Dad suggested I get golf lessons so that I can play golf with my bosses. It was a great idea and Kevin helped me play the game better.”
–G. Marie | 6/1/2013

“I wanted to get my boyfriend a fun gift, so I decided on a couples golf lesson with Kevin. It was so much fun”
–H. Conner | 5/14/2013

“After I saw Kevin in Avid Golfer and that he won the Best Golf Instructor award, I thought I would give him a try. He was patient and really help.  I am glad I made the switch.”
–T. Stiner | 5/11/2013

“I will be back. That was the first thing I thought after my golf lesson with Kevin. He was patient and helped me understand why what I was doing was wrong.”
–C. Taner | 1/27/2013

Who is the best golf instructor in Denver?  I think it is Kevin.  He is patient and helps me understand exactly what I need to do.”
–S. Stevenson | 10/15/2012

“My son loves lessons.  Kevin made it fun and my son learned much more than the clinic he went to.”
–L. Shalinski

“I called Kevin to see if I could get a lesson in the winter and he said no problem. I really needed the lesson before my trip to Mexico. He is awesome!”
–M. Misio

“Kevin really helped my swing. I am a beginner and could not get the ball off the ground. I am glad I went to him.”
–K. Ghott

“Wow. I finally broke 90. The putting lessons is what put in in position to shoot my best score.”
–B. Morrison

“I have never been able to chip until I had my golf lessons with Kevin.  He was patient and really took the time to work with me.”
–J. Niles

All golf lessons by taught by Kevin Morton.
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